Rapid City, SD: In addition to the launching of the CIF professional indoor football team today, Pick 6 Entertainment, LLC also released the team’s new identity. 


“There are so many tremendous attributes unique to our community here in Rapid City, from monuments to mountains, aviation to nature, we considered many options., explained team co-owner Keith Russ, “In the end, the people’s passion for old west excitement and culture won out and we are proud of the results.” Unlike the CIF’s Outlaws (Billings) and Bandits (Sioux City), the Rapid City western icon will proudly serve as a hero of the era as US Marshals maintained law and order during a short time period where those qualities were hard to come by.

The logo was created by the renowned European Football Brand designer, Christopher Payne. “Shifting from the world of soccer to American football has been a wonderful and appealing challenge for me”, said Payne, “I am excited to see players and fans proudly wearing logos that represent the history of Rapid City in such a fun manner.”   

The first of the dual set of logos is the iconic Marshals badge just like the ones carried by the brave warriors of law in the 1800s. It is detailed with the same markings engraved into those badges but with the addition of small footballs as a reminder to on-lookers of who we are.

The second logo depicts the man himself, the confident and bold Marshal proudly displaying his own badge as he patrols Rapid City just preparing to fight for the law and the citizens of South Dakota!

The logos consist of a Black Hills BLACK in honor of the beautiful mountain range in which we enjoy living amongst and Reflection SILVER representing the distinct color shining off of these mountains.  Finally, the logo bears a Marshals RED which is to serve as a reminder to our opponents of just how fierce this team will be!