On Thursday, the Champions Indoor Football league announced that the Oklahoma Flying Aces would go inactive immediately and not play in 2021. Simultaneously, the CIF announced that the Dodge City Law has been approved by the CIF board of directors for immediate participation in the league.

The Flying Aces, based out of Enid, Oklahoma, stated that unforeseen workman’s compensation insurance issues would prevent participation for this season.

“It had been indicated that we were to see an adjustment to our insurance rates for the 2021 season,” Flying Aces Head Coach and Managing Partner Richard Davis said. “Unfortunately, with all the uncertainty surrounding this season even occurring in this crazy year, we were not notified of the new rates until this past week. When notified, it was substantially more than what had been projected and in fact, it forced the franchise in a position to not be able to take the field in 2021. We are working on having the rates readdressed and adjusted to a more sustainable rate, but unfortunately, it will not occur in time for the 2021 season. We have found a great niche in the Enid area and intend to put the Flying Aces back on the field in 2022 when we are able to normalize operating costs.”

The CIF board of directors also announced that they had voted to approve immediate participation of the Dodge City Law for the 2021 season. Dodge City was a, yet to be announced, CIF expansion franchise for the 2022 season. The Law last played in the CIF during the 2017 season and will immediately fill the Flying Aces position on the schedule, including inheriting Oklahoma’s current roster.

“We were in a position where some things did just happen to fall into place and we were able to salvage a bad situation,” said Director of League Operations, Todd Walkenhorst. “Workman’s comp insurance has been a major obstacle for teams in this business for years and Oklahoma found themselves in a business position that was unsustainable for 2021. The CIF board had previously approved an agreement with Dodge City to return to the league next season and when this issue came up last week, we immediately got some incredible support from our partners in Dodge City and were able to work this out. We’re excited to be back in Dodge City this season.

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