Director of Officiating

Director of Officiating

The following is a basic outline of the job duties and expectations of the CIF Director of Officiating. This position is a six-month, part-time position that will be served remotely and report to the CIF commissioner. Details of the position will include, but not be limited to: 

1) Familiarity with CIF Rule Book and Related Documents

Familiarity of the CIF Rule Book
The Director of Officiating will become fully familiar with the CIF football-playing Rule Book. Once familiar with the document, a study of interpretations should be created so as to be able to create a consistent understanding of all rules among the league’s officials and team personnel.

Familiarity with other CIF Guidelines
While not nearly as critical to the position to understand the league’s Operations Manual, the Director of Officiating should make best efforts to become familiar with elements for this and other league guidelines as they pertain, or overlap, with the game day experience and affect game-time decisions or the smooth flow of the game. Target areas are items such as game day set up, player transactions and eligibility, etc. 

2) Identifying and Recruiting Officials

The Director of Officiating will be solely responsible for identifying qualified officials in each CIF market and recruiting them to commit to officiating as part of the market officiating crew for the entirety of each CIF season within the pre-determined rules and play structure of the league. An officiating crew consists of five (5) officials and two (2) alternates – or – a simple seven (7) man crew in which they govern their own rotation. The Director of Officiating will also identify and select a Head Official for each crew prior to the start of each season. 

3) Training and Preparing Officials

Pre-Season Preparations
The Director of Officiating will be tasked with creating a in-person or virtual training agenda that ensure the complete understanding and interpretation of the CIF rule book and practices prior to the start of each season. All officials shall be required to participate in some or all of the pre-season training agenda and the head of each crew will be required to participate in all of the sessions.

Continued Training
The Director of Officiating will work to hold regular sessions to watch game film, explain interpretations of rules, implement mid-season changes, and further train the officiating crews as he/she sees fit while ensuring the best possible continued understand and smooth operations of all officiating throughout each season. 

4) Reviewing and Managing Officials

The Director of Officiating will continually review the actions and decisions of each officiating crew and individual officials and develop a system to best manage, correct, and praise each of them as necessary to ensure positive progress. 

5) Authority of the Director of Officiating

The Director of Officiating will have full authority to correct, discipline, and praise each officiating crew and individual official as he/she sees fit to do throughout each season. It is expected that guidance and when necessary, discipline, will be applied by the Director of Officiating so as to minimize the involvement of the league’s team personnel and commissioner in officiating matters. 

6) Communication

Communication with Team Directors
The Director of Officiating will make himself/herself available to communicate with all team directors through phone, email, and text messaging as necessary for clarifying questions and concerns related to officials and their actions, from these members, and other matters as needed.

Communication with Team Head Coaches
The Director of Officiating shall be available to communicate with team head coaches as is reasonable at all times. 

7) Reporting to League Commissioner

This position reports only to the league Commissioner. It is expected that the Director of Officiating will be available to give regular reports to the commissioner, handle other reasonable assigned duties by the Commissioner, and work alongside the Commissioner throughout the year.

Understand that this is a loose outline and the company reserves the right to add, remove, or change any of the above duties at any time. In addition, understand that other duties that will help the company will be part of your duties as directed by the league commissioner.

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