bismarck bucks

BISMARCK, N.D. - While their quarterback's toe might be broken, the wheel isn't. The Bismarck Bucks are bringing in a new quarterback in the absence of Jonathan Bane. The Bucks have signed Josh Straughan.

Straughan was the starter at Southern Illinois before starting his pro career. He spent some time with the Edmonton Eskimos earlier this year but now he'll be starting at Sioux City on Saturday.

Despite the change, Head Coach Richard Davis does not plan to change much from their win over the Bandits two weeks ago, "We're going to run our traditional offense on them," Davis explains, "The offense that scored 60 points is the offense we're going to be running at them Saturday night. And this kid can do it. The question will come down to how fast we can get him ready. But Coach Fuller's a good football coach. Jon Bane will become an assistant coach and get him ready. And you know what? We'll be

Jonathan Bane, Bucks Quarterback: "It's football. You know, it's always about the next man up. And, you know, that's how the great teams stay great. With the help of them, and Coach Fuller, and coach Davis and myself. The new guy is going to step in and you know, do just fine."

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