game 1

The Kansas City Phantoms kicked off their inaugural season at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena Monday night vs. Bloomington. The arena surged with over 3,000 fans, all cheering with passion as they witnessed history unfold before their very eyes. Stands erupted with applause and cheers when OJ Simpson scored the first touchdown in franchise history on a 9 yard pass from David Olson with 6:27 left to go in the 1st quarter. Olson would go on to complete 8-23 for 73 total yards in the
43-37 loss to the Edge. OJ raked in 3 returns for 67 yards, 3 receptions for 18 yards, and 1 carry for 2 yards. Darrian Miller had a stunning performance tallying 17 carries for 59 yards and 3 touchdowns. Anthony Parks recorded two returns for 41 yards and one (one handed) reception for 16 yards. Stephen Franklin led the Phantoms with 11 tackles, 6 of which were solo. Coming in just behind Franklin was Trey Garvey with 9 total tackles, 5 solo.

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