Today the Champions Indoor Football league Board of Directors officially announced the termination of the Texas Revolution’s league membership. After failing to meet standard league requirements that resulted in a game scheduled for May 4th to be canceled versus Amarillo Venom, combined with their inability to secure a home venue for their remaining 2019 games, their membership was terminated for failure to meet contractual obligations. Prior to today’s conference call, the league board of directors was prohibited from taking any action against the Texas Revolution. If the league would have issued any public statements or taken any actions prior to today’s board of director’s phone call, they would have been in violation of the league by-laws that could have resulted in future legal ramifications. The CIF is taking steps to ensure that all remaining road games will be played by a league-approved opponent, which will be finalized by early next week. Remaining Revolution home games will result in a forfeit win for the opposing teams.

In addition, the CIF will hold a league dispersal draft in the coming days for Revolution players that have declared themselves eligible. The dispersal draft will be completed over a series of rounds, with the selection order being determined by CIF teams winning percentage on the date of the team termination.

The 2019 playoff format will remain the same, with the top two seeds from each conference each clinching playoff berths. Those teams will face one another in the first round of the conference playoffs. The winners of the conference championship games will face one another in Champions Bowl V, with the host team being determined by the league's tiebreaker rules.

For more information about the CIF and its member teams visit the CIF website at .